Frequently Asked Questions

How do I avail or purchase a property?

In order to avail a house and lot, you must first and foremost inquire either directly through your preferred Real Estate Agent or through their website after an inquiry has been made; the Agent who assisted you will ask you if you want to be scheduled for a tripping or site viewing. This will allow you to appreciate and experience the project more personally. If you decide to push through with the purchase, an interview will be made between you and a marketing officer. After the prequalifying interview, you may now pay the reservation fee for your desired unit. Reservation fees are non refundable but is deductable to your down payment.

Where is Camella located?

As the Country’s largest house and lot developer, Camella is present in 36 provinces and 95 cities and municipalities. There is always a Camella Home near you! To know more about our projects please visit, our property listing for the complete list of our properties nationwide.

How big is a Camella house?

You have a lot of options in Camella: from the cozy, value for money Lessandra homes with a minimum of 40 sq m floor area for starting families or independent young professionals, to Grande Series that has a maximum of 166 sq m for growing families. Camella offerings are flexible for your family’s needs based on your space and budget requirements.

What is NRFO?

The term NRFO stands for Not Ready for Occupancy Units. These type of units are not yet built or house construction will commence after paying certain amount of the total contract price.

What are the terms or financial schemes available?

Usually, there are two (2) types of financing available for mid-cost housing segment, Bank Financing and In-house Financing. But you can also personally apply for PAG IBIG Financing.

Who Processes the loan approval?

The developer will assist the client in securing the loan approval for the bank.

How do you pay the down payment?

To complete your 15% down payment, buyers are usually given 12 months to pay. If payment is through Post dated checks, Full down payment is disclosed starting House construction for clients.

Who pays for the transfer of title?

Transfer of title is included in the total contract price.

Who applies for the utilities such as power and water connection?

For the Utilities, water is for client’s application and power connection or Meralco is applied by the buyers.

When can I apply for house extension / fencing?

Upon unit turnover, House Extension and Fencing plan should be approved by site engineers.

When is the house turnover / move-in?

House Turnover is upon loan release and completion of documents and payments.